Business Identity

Logo design for a foundry // Elements in the environment and process of mold creation inspired the design. Mark combines flame + letter 'D'. Logotype represents bends of metal. 
Logo design for an equipment rental app // Mark tells the life story of the equipment. Each facet represents the equipment's twist and turn from one user to another.
Logo design and identity system for a company specializing in hand crafted beads that serves as a memento // Mark is an abstract representation of the bead creation process that involves the twisting of paper strands.
Logo design for a firearm shooting range // Lethal, aggressive, and movement collectively guided the style used to form the 'handgun' mark.

Logo design for a home health care company // Bold, professional, and friendly with a subliminal ‘+’ cross in the negative space to form the  mark.

Logo design for a user-content print-on-demand online platform  // The flag shirt represents the ownership and identity of the users in the community.

Logo design for a filipino food catering service // The banana leaf is a traditional element used to serve food in the filipino culture. Mark combines the leaf with a casual and friendly typeface. 

Logo design for a filipino ice cream company // ‘Sorbetero’ is a filipino term used to describe a traveling ice cream man selling from the famous yellow push cart. Mark combines the large iconic wheel on the pushcarts with a soft and organic typeface.

Logo design for an IT company // A mix of professional, tech and organic style. Mark resembles the fusion of cells which represents the various components coming together to provide a solution.

 Logo design for a hip-hop record label // Inspired by hip-hop culture. Graffiti logotype and abstract  record label represents the mark.

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